Leaked images reveal the difference between the Galaxy Note 10 and the Note 10 Pro

Although Samsung usually launches a model new one every year, it is very likely to see this year the two they Galaxy Note 10 and the Note 10 Pro, already leaked photos reveal the cover for the two devices as well as screen protectors ostensibly designed for both the models, and there are clearly major differences between the two phones, where the deployment site UniverseIce tweet on his Twitter account several photos show a different number of Breaker camera on the back, and has both on the mass of the camera rectangle to the left edge, It is likely to be ad hoc for your Samsung Galaxy Note 10 the standard is that which appears to us conclusive of the circular one, while the other three of these clips.

The images that appeared in Twitter on Galaxy Note 10 وNote 10 Pro

تسريب يوضح الفرق بين Galaxy Note 10 و Note 10 ProLeak shows the difference between the Galaxy Note 10 and the Note 10 Pro

Consistent picture with previous leaks, as we’ve heard before that the device Galaxy Note 10 the standard will be out three lenses on the back, while it will be the Note 10 Pro possesses four, of course there are categorically two additional here, but one of them may be the flash unit again, or something else, otherwise looks like the designs are similar with the Max mode of the camera aperture single lens in the front.

Also saw a tweet UniverseIce other piece of information is that “there will be no screen of the best” of the Galaxy Note 10 in the second half of 2019, which is certainly not a claim surprising, because the Samsung screens are usually among the best, the rumors suggest previous to that all the organs of their screen with a resolution of 1440 x 3040, with about 6.4 inches Notes 10, 6.8-inch device Note 10 Pro, will not wait long until we find out all the official details and will be launching a range of Samsung Galaxy Note 10 on 7 August.

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