Leaked images reveal the shape of the front end for my phone Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL

As expected, it seems that the phone screen Pixel 3 XL, there’ll be a bump in the middle of the top of the company.

In our previous article “everything we know and expect so far about phones Pixel 3” we expected that Google will provide the next generation of its phones a flanged narrower than the previous generation, and I said that I personally don’t like the idea of the “bump” of the screen, but it seems that Google will be extrusion, in the Pixel 3 XL at least.

Where they showed a picture leaked of a new form of the front cover for the screen of my phone Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL, while it seems that the display Pixel 3 has had dialogue narrower than the Pixel 2, except that it was narrower by a few millimeters can not be distinguished from the image, except that the display Pixel 3 XL has got on the edge of too tight from the top with a bump in the middle of it.

It is also noticeable the presence of two openings in the top of each of the two phones in may indicate the presence of two cameras, Dual front speakers, or that big hole the second is to calculate sophisticated to unlock the phone via facial recognition (or Retina of the eye?). Knowing that the current generation of phones Pixel supports the feature to unlock the phone across the face but not cutting edge that we see in the iPhone X.

It is worth noting that the jag was involved in the phones official Google being the company provided no support software official via version Android next Android P.

It is expected to reveal Google for phones (and maybe phone a third of the average) during the month of October next.

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