Leaked images Surface 2 before the official announcement

This topic leaked images Surface 2 before the official announcement appeared on Engadget.

Spotted the latest shopping catalogs today for Surface 2, due to be announced from Microsoft in the 2 October.

Microsoft Surface 2

Prior to the start of the conference the software giant in the month of October next, spotted today the latest shopping catalogs for your computer Surface 2 mobile.

Computer Surface 2 Mobile is one of the devices associated in the conference of 2 October which was announced recently, despite Microsoft’s plans first to announce the new devices in 2019.

Reveal shopping catalogs colors that apply by a computer Surface 2, as it shows the situation in the sound design of the fabric of the Alcantara in the keyboard, with the great design of the touchpad to the bottom of the keyboard.

Microsoft Surface 2-leak

Suitable Surface 2 to appear on the left side of the design of the device in the pictures that have been leaked, and include a USB 3.0 port Class A port, a mini DisplayPort, and also a separate 3.5 mm headphones, along with the communication port on your Surface.

Projections indicate that Surface 2 comes to coincide with the Surface Dial, also supports Windows Hello webcam, also the device comes with speakers and Dolby, the mics are stereo.

As projections indicate that this version works with the support of the second generation of chips Intel processor, it also comes Surface 2 with a storage capacity of the largest.

Surely there are other ads from software giant Microsoft to the side of the Surface 2, with the announcement of updated Surface Pro, also expected the announcement of your Andromeda who took a lot of leaks so far.


This topic leaked images Surface 2 before the official announcement appeared on Engadget.

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