Leaked list of accessories official phone Galaxy Note 10 and Galaxy Note 10 Pro

Galaxy Note 10

With both a new flagship phone from Samsung, saying the South Korean company also launched a range of protective covers and accessories other official for its new flagship. I got E-Store British MobileFun for a list of all the official accessories for the phone Galaxy Note 10 to part numbers, SKU and price.

Don’t Know list any protective coverings or accessory unique. In fact, we’ve all seen these rings before, the only difference is that they are designed for a smartphone a new Samsung will be released to the market later this year.

The list assures us of the new existence of two versions of a flagship phone coming from Samsung, one carrying the code name Davinci 1 will be most likely to market under the name Galaxy Note 10, while carrying the other version of the code name Davinci 2 with the knowledge that they will be more likely to the market under the name Galaxy Note 10 Pro. It seems this recording is also speculation that the Galaxy Note 10 Pro may be synonymous to Galaxy Note 10 compatible with the 5G. Therefore, if you decide to Samsung launch two versions of Galaxy Note 10 Pro, one supported 4G and the other supports the 5G, you can use these protective covers new on both copies.


The list of accessories available for the phone Galaxy Note 10 a different set of protective covers, including LED View Cover and Clear View Cover and the LED Cover and the Leather Cover and Protective Standing Cover and Silicone Cover. Contain all of these protective covers on the numbers of the SKU of each of Davinci 1, Davinci 2 the prices range between 24.99£ and 59.99 pounds.

This will be protective covers are available a wide selection of colors including silver, pink, red, black, white and gray. For coverings protective made of leather, they will get unique colors, such as blue and brown. Head to the source link below for the full list accessories Samsung official series phones, Galaxy Note 10 Series next.


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