Leaked new phone Samsung folding

تسريب جديد لهاتف سامسونج القابل للطي

Doesn’t stop the Korean giant from trying to control all categories of smart phones after the car almost full to the leading category by company Samsung and the strong competition that’s occurring right now in the category of expected, especially after asking the company for its new Galaxy A9.

Imagine a company Samsung put phone the pioneer of a new retractable and you can the specifications of the pioneer were of the Qualcomm issue Snapdragon 845 cameras wallpaper double lens with lens variable screen quality Full HD quality super for wonderful Samsung we’re talking about phone pilot by all accounts.

تسريب جديد لهاتف سامسونج القابل للطي

Considers the category of flip phones is no longer months or the most prevalent, but with the experience of Samsung for this design in recent years has the least probability of severe to this category in China and South Korea, there are new “SM-W2019” has recently appeared in the lists of Chinese enterprise licensing to get the log to purify the Bluetooth of your phone under the name of Cody, the “Lykan” this came after the registration of the “Wi-Fi” earlier this week.

It is expected that the new phone system Android of course the version of 8.1 until the arrival of the new version 9.0, as of the date of availability of the new phone, the previous generation “Samsung W2018” has been in the market during the month of December of the year 2018 it is expected that this generation is also in the same month of the current year and the course is not provided this phone in all markets, this category of flip phones is provided by the Korean bank in some markets only due to the lack of turnout in all over the world, The phone mostly you will need more licenses and complete paperwork, but is expected to drive the company commitment to materials available there is no information about the price of the phone.

The duty of the company Samsung in the recent period many challenges especially at the phones available and economic control of Chinese companies such as Shawty and Huawei on the market by its specifications, a leader in phones economical as happened in the phone “upon F1” of the company Shao that the latest boom in the market following the put on the market at a price of 300 USD.

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