Leaked official photos of the company Smart Google Home Hub coming from Google


Many companies including Lenovo and LG launching smart screens equipped with the digital assistant Google Assistant, but it seems that Google Inc will soon launch screen of their own smart, because today has been a leak of official photos won’t be Screen Smart from Google Inc which bear the name of the Google Home Hub with the knowledge that he is likely to be announced this smart screen in the same event in which Google company detects phones Google Pixel 3 new.

Will smart screen Google Home Hub LCD screen size 7 inch, as it will cover women in Cairo. You can see the buttons for Sound Control and mute button at the rear of the device. It is estimated that this machine weighs 480 grams, which means it will not come with any significant improvements since this was originally a Google Home of the original with the touch-sensitive screen.


While you may featuring Google Home Hub sensor light and light notifications click the screen, there appears to be no front camera. This means that the device will not support video chats. Thus, this does not make it in the same status smart screens from companies such as Lenovo and JBL, which allows the possibility of conducting video chats with its front camera.

Thing not yet known is whether what we see in these pictures is the final release of the Google Home Hub or just a preliminary version. If this is the case, it may be the final product a little different from what we see here. Anyway, we’ll check everything when you Google company detects that the device most probably in the month of October along with phones Google Pixel 3 new.



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