Leaked phone Vivo Y3, and with a screen size of 6.35-inch, three cameras in the back

Vivo Y3

The company was Vivo active lately, it has launched many smart phones recently, and it seems they won’t stop any time soon. And speaking of that, we got today on the leak hints that the company Vivo preparing to release a new smartphone middle class supports Vivo Y3, will be released in the beginning to China before making its way to other global markets later.

The photo that was leaked today shows us the phone Vivo Y3 in pink, but this phone will be released also in blue. Regardless of the color, this phone will apparently also screen size of 6.35 inch and accurately +HD enjoy with tiny in the top middle section for the front camera which amounts to accuracy of 8 megapixels.

Apart from tea, has a frequency so that the phone Vivo Y3 new will feature eight-core processor from the category of the MediaTek Helio P35, and the random size of 4GB, and internal memory size of 64GB or 128GB, as well as three cameras in the rear 13 MP camera basic accurately 8 megapixels camera second and accurately 2 megapixels camera II is responsible for the sensor information depth.

Phone Vivo Y3 will also sensor the fingerprint in the back, a battery with a capacity of 5000mAh accept charging through MicroUSB port, as it will prevent the device thickness 8.92 mm and weighing 190.5 grams. Before concluding, We would like to point out that this phone will probably be in China for 1,400 Chinese yuan which is the equivalent of 205 USD.


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