Leaked photo shows the first development of music and visual content the new Apple TV for Mac

Ahead of the conference of Apple’s annual to detect Mac OS and updates next Monday, but before each conference of the pictures appear to leak some information and additions undertaken by the company, which already happened with the leak of the first images to develop music and visual content that appear for the first time on the system.

Were reports earlier talked about the work of the Apple on the launch of the copy separate from the music app Music App away from the iTunes application the main, as well as special application service visual content TV App especially after the announcement of the service content new.

تسريب يُظهر الصور الأولى لتطبيقي الموسيقى والمحتوى المرئي الجديدين من آبل لنظام ماكThe music app Music App

And now the featured images to show the form of music application for the first time, this design not so long ago about the iTunes application arena, and with sections dedicated to the content of the proposal, review, radio, the files recently added, Artists, Albums, and songs.

تسريب يُظهر الصور الأولى لتطبيقي الموسيقى والمحتوى المرئي الجديدين من آبل لنظام ماكThe application of visual content TV App

The application of the visual content to the Apple TV, it’s not so long ago about the design of the music app, but it holds the sections in the top bar unlike the previous app, these sections include all of the Library, Children, TV Shows, Movies, and watch now. In containing the side menu on the sections of the content recently added, Movies, TV shows, downloads.

These pictures have been leaked to 9to5Mac, but full details, we’ll give certainly in the conference Apple is coming with the launch of the Mac version 10.15, which is expected to be called the name of the Mac mammoth.

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