Leaked picture of MacBook Pro 16 through the Mac system itself

Day one of the French sites with dedication and experience system macOS Catalina new in need of experimental 10.15.1 during the experiment found the developers some photos for your MacBook Pro perspective which will come with a screen measuring 16 inches also comes in color of silver gray.

If you’re wondering, this image may have been created in the file system may be used in any form or another by the system during your use of the device, but what we can note is that the device will come with the edges of the smaller which will make the device measure 16 inches with it comes the same dimensions also the ordinary.

According to rumors this device will come with a screen with a resolution of 3.072 x 1920 pixels as would come with the Intel processors of the tenth generation of this besides a new keyboard entirely is called the Scissor, which will replace the traditional keyboard in the organs of the MacBook and slide the new ones will be the ability of carrying much higher.

Source: Gizchina

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