Leaked press images of the Motorola folding associated with

Appeared on the web site Weibo, the Chinese what has been said it’s the press images of the smartphone foldable, which company Motorola on its development: “Motorola Razor” Motorola RAZR.

Includes phone “Motorola Razor” in the leaked images of the design that appeared previously in the patent sought by the police, revealed that the phone will be capable of folding towards the inside.

The company Motorola has confirmed the end of the month last February that it planned to launch smartphone foldable, later of the current year, to carry it to the knee of the other companies, which announced such as that of the first products of this type of handsets, which are reliable in the recovery of the market, which has become suffering from frequent competitors, and lack of innovation.

The company Samsung has begun to advertise its smartphone “Galaxy Fuld” Galaxy Fold on 20 February last, with a screen of two folds towards the inside, in addition to the screen of the external third of the size smaller, then Huawei announced four days after her phone “dead X” Mate X, who enjoys the screen only folds towards the outside.

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The Motorola; to see the launch of a smart phone retractable through the summer of 2019, she said that the phone design its folding will design different for my phone, Galaxy Fold, and Mate X.

Have now shown the leaked pictures that the Motorola folding will be a new version of its mobile phone of the famous “Motorola Razor” Motorola RAZR, which is reported by The Wall Street Journal in the month of January last.

The newspaper reported then that the new version of the phone RAZR will be available at a price of 1,500 USD, and the Motorola – owned Lenovo and China – working on chosen currently.

It is suggested that this wouldn’t be the first time that you try to Motorola’s revival of the brand phone RAZR, which was once one of the most popular mobile phones around the world, was launched in 2011 and 2012 phones as “droid razor” Droid RAZR by company Verizon.

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