Leaked – Samsung may launch a foldable phone with the launch of Galaxy S11

Samsung according to public launch phone Galaxy S new every year around the time of the date of the holding of the event MWC the same year, for example, the Samsung held event Unpacked to reveal the Galaxy S10 on 20 February of the previous year, while the holding of the event MWC in the fourth and twenty-fifth of the same month.Galaxy S11

Things haven’t changed this year, as the date of the event MWC will be on February 24, while -according to leaks, will be disclosed Galaxy S11 in 18 February of the next year 2020.

The launch of the Galaxy Fuld along with Galaxy S11

According to the leaks which come from the famous warrior IceUniverse Samsung may launch Galaxy Fuld new along with the launch of the Galaxy S11, but what we don’t know yet if this phone will be a new generation of Galaxy Fuld same or will the memory of the phone similar to Motorola Razor, which we have heard from him since some days.

Galaxy Fold

Along with these leaks we’re starting to see a leak about a new Galaxy S11 which confirms the advent of a new phone with a screen supporting to 120Hz to be the first Samsung phones supporting this technology and one of the phones countable support of all companies!

This, of course, along with previous leaks about the coming of Galaxy S11 with the camera sensor accurately 108 Pixel rate specifically for case S11! Anyway, the leaks Galaxy S11 will not produce at all before they launch the phone officially this is what we’re used to!

What do you think? And do think about acquire it? Or are you going else S10 Lite or Note 10 Lite who shared with you their prices in the news earlieron?

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