Leaked some specifications of the phone Honor V30 Pro

In the next period Company honor on the launch of the first phone does not support connecting to 5G and everyone is expected to have this phone within a series V30 base which is expected to be officially unveiled before the end of the year 2019.

While everyone consequences new reports emerged today indicating the intention of the ONUR detect the two phones of the series V30 one will get the name of Honor V30 Pro and this means I’m in front of a series of three phones is the V30 وV30 Pro Plus version of the fifth generation V30 Pro 5G.

It will feature the Pro version this time of the existence of the OLED screen for the first time in the history of phones Onur in addition to having two cameras for Sylvia-shaped hole as found in the Galaxy S10 Plus with sensor fingerprint scanner within young and fast shipping strongly 40W.

Also you will get a pro version to 4 cameras background with the development of the software of the camera and of course it is natural to use a processor of Huawei’s new Kirin 990.

Until now, there was no any information on the dates found but is expected to start deliveries soon.


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