Leaked some specifications of the Samsung screen two

تسريب بعض مواصفات هاتف سامسونج ذي الشاشتين

It seems to do it Samsung’s next big W2019 will be released soon so confirms this site Samsung official the same in addition to the platform TENNA Chinese believe this series of phones is the author of two screens exclusively until now.

Thanks to TENNA that see some details about the upcoming phone. According to the home phone, the new will receive a card with a capacity larger than the previous phone significantly where it gets the phone on the battery with a capacity of 3000 mah compared battery phone W2018 who came last year which was a capacity of 2300 mah.

It also provided the size of the battery Our with a deal on her cell phone the latest of a series of Note phone Galaxy Note 9 , which came with a battery 4000 mah. Include the first time made by Samsung great battery or improvements in the batteries on the phones since the disaster Galaxy Note 7 two years ago.

Maybe this means the advent of phones Galaxy S10 of the company’s battery bigger? Maybe this is happening but can’t confirm that this will happen but it certainly would be great to be one of the strengths of the big phones coming from the Company case the distinction in the capacities of the batteries that are offered.

The diameter of the screen in the new phone is 4.2 inch which is the same diameter provided by a lot of previous phones in the series, so no surprise in this regard.

And on the side of the other specifications, it is expected that the phone comes SIM, Snapdragon 845 Soc cameras background of the double as is common now in addition to the Android operating system Oreo 8.1.

According to a number of rumors company Samsung equipped to design impressive Galaxy S10 which is issued in the coming months and specifically during the first few months of next year 2019.

Despite the decline in the company’s profits from the smartphones during the financial period except that the sales of the screens supplied by the company Apple made by check during the last quarter record earnings achieved for the first time in its history.

The South Korean company has released a phone of its large Galaxy Note 9 in August, chip Snapdragon 845 big battery 4000 mah pen and touch S Pen features new support for Bluetooth, which makes the pen work cream to die for the remote control.

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