Leaked specifications and prices on the next generation of “iPhone”

Published technical analyst Ming-Chi Kuo specifications and prices of phones iPhone, which will launch by Apple this year, during an event expected to be organized during the first half of the month of September.

Explained Koo, through the table of published specifications, prices, three phones, the first release carries a screen measuring 6.5 inches, the Processor A12, RAM 4 GB, and with three capacities internal memory 64/256/512, in addition to the rear camera, Double accuracy, 12 MP, its price ranges between 900 and 999$.

The version III is the 5.8-inch screen, processor and A12, RAM 4 GB, with the same capacity then the accuracy of the camera of the first edition, its price ranges between 800 و899$.

And version second screen of 6.1 inches, a processor and A 12, RAM 3 GB, with sought the cooperation 64/256 GB, camera, one lens, 12 megapixel sensor, it starts its price from $ 600 to 699$.

He explained to ko that three phones do not support the pen, digitally, Linda so reports that talked about support of phones to digital Apple Pencil similar to the iPad.

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