Leaked: specifications of Samsung phone with four cameras

As reported by many previous leaks about the intention of the Korean company “Samsung” put a new phone with four cameras background after the company announced earlier about the phone is equipped with three cameras, a Galaxy A7 new here we are now talking about four cameras in the background.

In leaked today, expected to carry a new phone the name of Galaxy A9, with regard to the specification of the new phone, it supposed to comes with a large size of 6.38-inch FHD+, the processor from the medium category of the production of Qualcomm Snapdragon and the model 660 the latest from the company in this category which is characterized by strong performance and saving in energy consumption, it can be your phone battery with a capacity of up to 3720 MA, which is expected to be used hard work for up to two days.

As for the specifications of the former there is nothing impressive or tilted the phone so far, but the most important point which distinguishes this phone is the point of four cameras embedded in the phone from the back, according to leaked will phone main camera quality 24 megapixel with Lens other wide-angle up to 120 degrees-quality 8-megapixel camera, the same cameras that he owns the previous version Galaxy A7, but it is anticipated that owns this phone also Lens one quality 10-megapixel and 5-megapixel camera plus front camera quality 24 megapixel.

No information was available until now about the new phone and the availability of the markets the estimated price for sale.

It seems that the trend of providing a smartphone more than a camera wallpaper had begun to spread and firmly were to buy a “LG” race in this area in 2011, and specifically in the month of February with a phone “Optimus 3D” and after that the company “HTC” in the month of March of the same year phone “Evo 3D”, and all those attempts initially useless until we came to smart phones running Android, which possesses lenses and cameras with high-tech resulting in the possibilities of filming is high, Especially with the development of artificial intelligence which open the door to conflict again between the companies, some of which are in the provision of a lens the more the sound insulation from the background better and to provide quality higher colors and other features.

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