Leaked specifications of the first smart TV from Nokia

Leaked specifications of the first smart TV from Nokia

Company is Nokia enter the market of smart TVs, and after that succeeded by compatriot HMD in a revival of the smart phones, back wide popularity in the market swarming with competitors, and through the good specs and the price is acceptable, in addition to the speed of getting an Android update, as well as the experience of Android raw.

The company’s Indian e-commerce (Flipkart) Flipkart, it entered into a partnership with Nokia to launch TVs smart in India, after the entry of another company suitable for Nokia in the smartphone market, such as: Motorola, OnePlus, as the company launched two devices smart TV in India last month.

According to the website The Times of India – citing sources – that the TV which you think Nokia launched in India will come screen size of 50 inches, it’s likely that 4K will be a screen-type LED, and will make TV with Android operating system 9 eBay, that comes with the store (Google Play).

Transfer site also to your smart TV from Nokia will come with the technology (Micro Dimming ultimate and smart) Intelligent Dimming, which reduces the level of brightness of the TV according to the degree of ambient lighting, which allows assessment of the level of sharing, the depth of the color black the best.

It is expected to launch Nokia TV smartphone – which previously stated that it will support audio technology (JBL) JBL from a company (Harman) Harman – in India as of the beginning of the month of December next.

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Referred to that website (Flipkart) I got under the strategic partnership with Nokia for the rights to use the company’s brand to the industry TVs in India, means that your TV may not be required in global markets.

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