Leaked specifications of the full series phones V30 from Onur

We can’t underestimate phones Onur leading because they convey to us the full power of Huawei Technologies with lower prices significantly and one of the most phones Onur pending is the V30 Pro which is one of the leading phones Onur leading.

Today leaked the location of LEAKS/ famous specifications semi-full phone new Honor V30 and Honor V30 Pro and shows us the obvious big differences between them, as usual, Huawei:

Specifications phone Honor V30

• Front camera dual engraved inside the screen (Punch Hole) strictly 32-megapixel camera for the first time while coming the Justice of the second-type Wide-Angle but its accuracy is unknown
• Come phone with OLED screen supports a refresh rate 90Hz
• Processor Kirin 990 with a copy to the other processor Kirin 990 5G is, of course, that supports the fifth generation.
• Battery with a capacity of 4200mAh with support for rapid charging up to 40 watt
• Wireless charging support rapid ability of 15-watt
• The rear camera here they were conceived Onur, where it will come with a basic strictly 60-megapixel in addition to a number of wide and Super Wide Angle accurately 20-megapixel camera to the side of the lens of the phone calls accurately 8 MB, the phone in general will pay the doctor even 30x as Will the installation of visual.

Specifications phone Honor V30

• Front camera one engraved inside the screen also strictly 32-megapixel
• The phone comes with a screen LCD which does not support the refresh rate is 90Hz, of course
• Processor Kirin 990 only and there is no support for the fifth generation
• Battery capacity 4000mAh with support for rapid charging up 22.5 and
• Does not support wireless charging

For as posted You earlier, the phone will come with a rear design similar to the dead 20 Pro a lot, while the front design is not known but we can stop what we knew about the form of cameras and the advent of the phone with a notepad.

Source: LEAKS/

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