Leaked specifications of the Snapdragon processor 865 flagship 2020

While Qualcomm to hold the annual event Tech Summit in December, where the detection processor Snapdragon 865 leading to 2020, the swarm trusted source specification processor.

Coming Snapdragon processor 865 as the successor of the therapists leading Snapdragon 855 and + Snapdragon 855 found in most phones, Android age this year.

The source stated that the Snapdragon 865 depends the architectural construction of the Samsung 7nm EUV resists, to be increased by two; one is limited support on fourth generation networks, and other available support networks of the fifth generation.

It uses the Snapdragon 865 nuclear Main ARM Cortex A77 with a frequency of 2.84 GHz, with three cores A77 upgraded 2.42 GHz, and four cores A55 upgraded 1.8 GHz. Besides the graphics, it will increase the processor board graphics Adreno 650 offers better performance by 20% for the current generation, Adreno 640.

The central processor it is believed that it enhances the speed performance of the year by 20% compared with +Snapdragon 855, and some speculation to support memory-ram LPDDR5 to be Samsung andShawty andSony is the first company supporting them in their flagship phones.

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Source GSMArena

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