Leaked: the first phone memory random 10 GB

Detect a leak through TENAA responsible for approval of smart phones before putting them in China about a new version of the Oppo Find X which was released months ago, but the memory of a random 10 GB internal memory 256. It is clear that we have entered the era of a smart phone the size of a memory of the random component of the number.

10 GB of RAM is a big number so that it is possible to have your personal computer possess memory random is less than this, it appears that the developments and competitions in the world of smartphones will take us to far away places.

The company Oppo has released the Oppo Find X design characteristic for any phone earlier distinctive design about the phones that currently exist in general. Comes difference the design of having the screen almost completely covers most of the face of the phone with the back facing camera front sensors within the body of the phone to show the time of export only and return to the inside of the phone makes the mechanic again when you’re finished.

Although the Chinese company seemed like a fun problem too in the version of the phone to they haven’t been taught to be the first company that issued a phone to that property because the company Vivo had been preceded by a phone carrying the name of NEX, which is the first smart phone full screen completely makes the appearance of the camera.

The two phones support, they feature a fingerprint sensor that’s under the screen and through the optical sensor where it is clear that this feature, which first appeared in the phone of Vivo also this year will soon be a natural advantage in all the phones.

According to the rumors company Samsung will put a fingerprint sensor under the screen in the Galaxy S10 after I waited too long to provide a water experience for users of the accuracy in the identification of the footprint to the speed of Use and non-disable user. Company One Plus also confirmed officially that her phone OnePlus 6T on this feature after one of the leaks and be among the first major phones that support this feature and wish to support it smoothly without problems.

And on the side of memory random currently we have phones 2 GB and 3 GB, but within the economic categories, the categories top comes in 4 GB at least to go to 6 GB, which is becoming is natural at least for now, and the emergence of phones that carry their selves 8 GB.

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