Leaked the full specifications and photos phone HTC U12+

Leaked today, Thursday, photo the official announcement for U12+ flagship from HTC, along with specs official. This comes prior to the disclosure of the phone officially about a week, as Select On May 23 event.

Styling has not changed much on the phone last year U11+; LCD Screen Size 6 inch with the Parties to the upper and lower smaller, and even the glass protection has not changed.

As for that change, we the ability of the camera selfie, which became double with 8 maps to experience the effect of the isolation and the wide angle. Also, the Dual Camera back: 12 maps will experience photography wide-angle, 16 maps works as of the close, with a rounding up twice without lose of image quality and convergence up to 10 times, but the impact on the quality of the photography, as the camera with a laser auto focus, and to improve the photography in low light has been the support of dual LED flash. Will reader insight to the bottom of the camera background as it was.

Hand specifications, Fedor performance processor Snapdragon 845 strongest, with the random memory 6 gigabytes options storage capacity: 64 or 128 gigabytes are able to increase their memory external 2 TB. Includes phone android 8.1 oreo of the Fund with the possibility to upgrade to the Android system 9 in its pilot phase. Covers the performance of the battery of 3,500 mAh that supports fast charging 3.0 from Qualcomm. Got the phone on the evaluation of IP68 for protection against water and dust. In addition to the possibility of obtaining the services of an alexa or assistant Google as your default.

Expect to be thrown U12+ on June 1 in the markets, will be in Black Ceramic, purple, gloomy, black and transparent, according to the designer.

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