Leaked video – this is a phone iPhone SE 2 with screen iPhone X !

Since the Apple TV is trying to reach for more sales, by providing many options in Devices and the iPhone, one iPhone with a small screen gave him the name of SE, since the first generation of it didn’t Apple release any new generation of them, but it seems that this year it will be Apple that actually, with the launch of the iPhone SE 2, and today with us details about the design of the device in a video clip leaked.

هذا هو هاتف iPhone SE 2 مع شاشة الأيفون X !

This is a phone iPhone SE 2 with screen iPhone X !

First: why do you say Apple launch this iPhone in?

Years ago Apple launched the iPhone SE, of course, a device that came in the phase of the isthmus between the iPhone 6s and 6s plus and iPhone 7 and 7 plus, and everyone that the goal of Apple is to get bigger sales by launching this device.

The goal is to reach users who wish to obtain an iPhone with a small screen, a category not inconsiderable in number; prefer the iPhone with a small screen as it was previously, and prefer the big screen, which is going to Apple TV currently, especially with the adoption of the feature to full screen without the edges of the Great, from here came the idea of an iPhone SE 2.

Secondly: is the previous picture are actually for the iPhone is the SE 2’s?

Previous image level of a video we’re showing it to them, too; it is your iPhone SE 2 According to the source who leaked the video, where he pointed out that the device is expected to be revealed by Apple this month at its home on 27 March.

As is clear from the picture as you will see in the video; it is a mixture between the design of the iPhones of old, thick, alien X is a full screen, of course, get rid of the package the screen Main, with the adoption of the extrusion the top of the screen, plus dual rear camera vertically.

To illustrate the design more, we invite you to watch this video:

Thirdly: what are the specifications available in the device?

It seems that the device is iPhone SE 2 would be an iPhone 7 plus in terms of technical specifications in the camera and processor, etc., but compact in structure with small size, but with the adoption screen, iPhone X full; going to be the screen in the range of 5 inches, the processor with the A10 Fusion Radio, 2 GHz, plus a battery capacity of 1700 mAh.

As for the price; it can say something as the adoption of the Apple TV screen iPhone X, will it be OLED or LCD, but the second option is the most anticipated, considering that the goal of apple of this device; providing a iPhone favorable price, this price may be faces of$ 450, most likely as pointed out that previous reports.

Finally, what is the date of disclosure for iPhone SE 2’s?

Be sure to detail the former is not clear; it could not be validated, however in the event ratified, and there was an iPhone SE 2 whatever specs and design, The Conference on 27 March that will give him the Apple; he is the allotted time to detect the device, from this seed later reports about it !

 What do you think of this design? Do you expect the success of the iPhone and the SE 2’s?

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