Leaking again reveals the size of the battery of Huawei phones coming Dead 30 dead 30 pro

Waiting to reveal the Huawei series phones dead 30 new mid-September the judge also noted the recent leaks so it is natural that leaks about the dead 30 dead 30 pro these days.

This time talking about the battery which is always one of the strengths of Huawei phones leading where you want Huawei in the development of the capacity of the battery, too, this year compared with the two phones leading the recent dead 20 Pro and P30 Pro.

According to a new report from China to to phone Huawei dead 30 regular will get a battery with a capacity of 4200 ML amp will be fast charging up to 40W.

The other phone is dead 30 Pro will be the battery with a capacity of 4500 Ms amps will be fast charging up to 55W this means that the phone will have longer battery life due to several factors, the first being the size in addition to the new processor, which will reduce consumption on paper of course.

On each case indicates the registry also said that Huawei intends to increase the capacity of wireless charging where the pay phones wireless charging up to 30W will be Huawei’s also a wireless charging pad new support this force.


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