Leaking from charger SuperCharger strongly 40 watts of Huawei

This topic diversion about charger SuperCharger strongly 40 watts from Huawei appeared on Engadget.

Revealed George Zhao, CEO of Honor of Huawei in the IFA Conference 2018, the company plans to provide phone Honor Magic 2, Zhao said that this new phone will speed the charging up to 40 watts. And now, revealed some of the Chinese sources about the actual shape of the charger.

It has emerged a picture leaked on the website of the Chongdian Tou it revealed a charger SuperCharge which is supposed to do charge the battery of Honor Magic 2 full in a short time. Considers the input of the charger record with 100-240V ~ 50/Hz, for output, the Huawei to provide 10 volts at 4 amps, as mentioned by the site Chongdian Tou that Huawei might make the device rise up to 5 amp.

Although it is expected to launch the phone Honor Magic 2 in December of 2018, it is expected to reveal the company for the issuance of Porsche of Mate 20 over the next month.


This topic diversion about charger SuperCharger strongly 40 watts from Huawei appeared on Engadget.

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