Leaking high quality images review Galaxy S9 S9 plus blue and black

There’s nothing left we don’t know about the Galaxy S9 وS9 plus, although the official announcement about them after 3 days but the leaks did not stop after, where she appeared high-quality images online latest Samsung phones leading. We can see the framework of the phones with the tip of the bottom is smaller than the previous company that and there’s the preparation of the front camera and face recognition 3D image.

Specifications will be better with a processor Snapdragon 845 sensor camera top quality as well as technical faster charging of the battery and headphones stereo.

It is true that everything looks good, except that the reports about the price of it doesn’t bode well where it is said that the Galaxy S9 price will be higher than the Galaxy S8 $ 100$ starts to happen to 850$, which is something we hope will not be true.

Source: @rquandt

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