Leaking images of phones Google Pixel new, you know, to their specifications

Leaked image of the phones are smart, it’s said My Phone Google Pixel Pixel 3a وPixel 3a XL New, revealed the edges of a thick phone, it seems to him that Google will not follow the common design currently to discover the high and large that it occupies the screens of smart phones.

And, if your health, having an outlet for headphones 3.5 mm in at the top of the phone, and say that phones new Google will lower the price of the phones Pixel Pixel 3 of the former, which released last October, the Google competition in the category of phones of medium price.

According to reports, the leadership of the phone screen the Google Pixel Google Pixel 3a will be the 5.6-inch, 6-inch phone, Google Pixel Google Pixel 3a XL, it is expected that the working memory random access (RAM) 4 GB, and an internal 64 GB, and rear camera it will be double accurately 12.2 MP, will be issued the phones colour black and white and color Iris (Purple bluish).

Predicts reports, according to the leaks, to know Google for its phones new in its conference for developers Google I/O on May 7 next.

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