Leaking new – phone Honor 20 Pro will come without a bump or a hole for the camera !

Continuing in a series of persistent leaks for my honor 20, honor 20 Pro, leak detection new today about the propaganda poster for Honor 20, Pro with a surprise for everyone.

The expectations were previous have pointed to the advent of the phone. Honor 20, 20 Pro with the design of the camera hole punch-hole is almost a certainty, but leaks of the day came on the opposite of the expected placed phone screen Honor 20 pro free from any bump or hole.

هاتف هونر 20 برو سيأتي بلا نتوء أو ثقب للكاميرا

Phone Honor 20 Pro will come without a bump or a hole for the camera

If these images are true, the best guess is the advent of the Honor 20, Pro with camera pop-up to Huawei phones come with a camera popup, P smart Z and Y9 Prime 2019, and the phone Honor 20 standard will be the content of the designed the camera inside a hole in the screen.

هونر 20 برو

Honor 20 Pro

For other specifications, we have to monitor it with you in a previous report, is expected to come honor 20 with OLED screen size of 6.1 inches, while will contain the Honor 20 Pro on the OLED display the largest measuring 6.5 inches, and the two screens coming with the sensor fingerprints Compact, will run Honor 20, Honor 20 Pro by slices Kirin 980 SoC, with 6 or 8 GB of RAM.

Finally, it is planned to detect both of these new devices officially on 21 May during a major event in the British capital London, to be disclosed before that time. first in China.

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