Leaking new – phone Huawei Mate 30 will come with the design of unibody glass!

It is expected that Huawei series phones, the new flagship Huawei Mate 30 during the next few months, however, the leaks started early on the group ahead was the most important form of a new camera in the Mate 30 Pro the Monitor We With You page.

كاميرا mate 30 ProCamera mate 30 Pro

And now appeared a new report on internet illustrates the design of the upcoming smartphone, the report refers received from a supplier Huawei to the advent of the flagship Mate 30 design unibody mono, but the edges of the metal or buttons of the material in the framework of the phone, the report says that Huawei believes that this type of design is the future of smartphone design.

Earlier this year introduced the Vivo phone, vivo Apex 2019 design without any buttons material or completely opened it seemed at the time very special, so it is very possible that you think Huawei phone design smart body mono.

For the buttons such as power button and volume keys, it is said that the company will use sensors to squeeze the sides in places these buttons, as for for shipping will depend Huawei Mate 30 on the wireless charging altogether.

تخيل لشكل Huawei Mate 30Imagine The Shape of the Huawei Mate 30

The second problem that may face the company when the production is SIM card slot on the device, but the report says that the company will adopt the technique of eSIM instead of the conventional SIM card!

This may seem a bit far for any phone currently known to the users, so it is best to deal with it something of the doubt until more details over the coming days.

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