Leaking Protective Cover designed for iPad Mini 5, and plays for the camera wallpaper with a new design

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In the case if recent rumors are true, it is supposed to see Apple launch a new generation of iPad Mini in the next year. As all of you probably know, we didn’t see Apple launching iPad Mini New almost two years ago, so it’s good to know that Apple didn’t decide to completely eliminate this tablet. Now, it seems that there is more evidence on the existence of a new model of the iPad Mini is currently under development.

In fact, he did the famous warrior SlashLeaks recently published a tweet on the Twitter network won’t be photo-realistic cover protective he is said to be designed for iPad Mini 5. Note that this register is reviewed not only the protective cover itself, but based on this picture, it appears that the rear camera in your iPad Mini 5 will get the new design includes a unit for the flash.

This is in accordance with the rectangle in the design, we doubt that Apple will increase the iPad Mini 5 in the back with a double. And, apparently, there’s a chance that Apple keep port headphones 3.5 mm in your iPad Mini 5 New, thanks to the widget located in the right-upper corner. As for the soldiers in the side, it hints at the possibility of the advent of this tablet, also with Smart Connector.

Anyway, too early to tell which design will bring your iPad Mini 5, especially if we take into consideration that Apple usually design tablet the iPad Mini to be low-cost as possible, so we doubt that it will come with any of the additional features found in the tablet of the iPad Pro.

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