Leaking the design of the phone OnePlus 8 Lite

Leaking the design of the phone OnePlus 8 Lite

Posted position 91Mobile pictures to design a phone from the company OnePlus over the next year, based on leaks account @OnLeaks on Twitter celebrity leaked his minute.

Is expected to know the Chinese company on the phone (OnePlus 8) during the first half of 2020, is also expected to announce the version of the specification is stronger under the name of (OnePlus 8 Pro) OnePlus 8 Pro, but it seems that the company is working on a version lower specification may bear the name of the (OnePlus 8 Lite) OnePlus 8 Lite.

The website 91Mobile with the account @OnLeaks on the design of your phone, as it published a video showing the phone is designed to dimensions three, plus many of the photos, which reveal a flat screen with a bump in the middle, similar to a phone (Galaxy Note 10) Samsung, and will come with two cameras backgrounds.

The site pointed out that the sound you know the design of similar phones (Galaxy S), and(Galaxy Note 10 Lite), and the(Galaxy A) associated with Samsung. He also noted that the screen may come the value ranges from 6.4 inches, and 6.5 inches. He also notes the existence of a port of the USB Type-C, the absence of a separate ear headphones traditional.

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According to leaks, will come (OnePlus 8 Lite) with glass rear curved blue flowing, the cameras, the background within the system rectangle. It also will come with the expense of a fingerprint under the screen, which may be of type OLED.

Referred to as the company (OnePlus) was launched in the year 2015 phone (OnePlus X) for X submitted specification less than the flagship phone for the year, you may appoint a company ball with a phone (OnePlus 8).

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