Leaking the details of a TV Huawei and hours Watch GT 2 before the official announcement

Will the Chinese company Huawei is a big event tomorrow, Thursday, in the city of Munich German, where you’ll learn about its phones leading the new Mate 30 and Mate 30 pro in addition to a number of different devices, including Smart TV, the Smart Watch Watch GT 2 in addition to the bracelet Band 4 Pro, which leaked the details recently.

TV Huawei

The company announced its own operating system in the name of harmony at the developers conference last month, and the first product commercially available that works in this new system is TV Honor Vision TV, which was sold already in China recently, there are many reports that Huawei is working on the development of the TV to this system.

I recently appeared a picture for the TV size is 55 inches along with technical details that show that the TV will contain an on camera pop-up just like the TV Honor, Vision TV, and there are slots on the aspects of the TV and the right side will be dedicated to a lot of ports including HDMI and USB and Ethernet port.

Will be to TV speaker in the base of the screen, as will pay TV technology Watch in the name of Huawei Sound will allow users to share files from their phones to TV.

Hours Watch GT 2

We’ve already covered some leaks about the smartwatch from Huawei Watch GT 2, but appeared new details. First, will be available in two sizes, the version of 42 mm with screen 390 × 390, and the issuance of 46 mm with a screen 454 x 454.

In the former, we learned that the former will contain a speaker and microphone, but the latest reports indicate that the micro version will be equipped with a microphone, and there is a high probability of support previous to the LTE processor with Kirin A1 and Bluetooth 5.1.

Bracelet Band 4 Pro

Will Huawei’s new bracelet tomorrow, while the name is uncertain, but since it was advertised on the bracelet Band 3 Pro along with a series Mate 20 in the past year, it is supposed to be the new bracelet in the name of the Band 4 Pro.

Will be the tea of a kind amold touch screen, and a strap of silicone that seems non replaceable, while Will the bracelet sensor heartbeat, and we may see an announcement about a new version of the control system of the heart TruSeen and a new version of system control sleep TruSleep, and reports indicate that the bracelet will be able to measure the level of oxygen, with the support tracking system geographical locations.

Tablet MediaPad M6

It is expected that the launch of the tablet MediaPad M6 universally tomorrow, after that it was launched in China last month, a device that comes with a processor Kirin 980 size 8.4 inch or 10.8 inch support WiFi and data depending on the version.

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