Leaking the full specs for All Car Series Galaxy S10

تسريب المواصفات الكاملة لكاميرات سلسلة جالاكسي S10

After about ten days from now, waiting the official announcement of the phones of Samsung flagship Galaxy series of S10, and to contain three phones. But before the official announcement looks like we got the advantages of the phones a lot in advance, after the several leaks about the shape and the number of cameras and the salient, now appeared the details of the cameras and three phones.

Comes phone Galaxy S10e owner of the possibilities at least and younger with dual camera back, the former accurately 12 mega pixel camera with aperture shutter double f/1.5 and a visual installation with a capability of imaging wide-angle value of 77 degrees, and the third comes accurately 16 mega pixel full-frame and very clear with the possibility of imaging at an angle of 123 degrees. In comes the front camera accurately 10 mega pixel with Auto Focus feature and the ability to capture images with a resolution UHD.

While the phone comes top specification Galaxy S10 with a camera three; the former comes telephoto accurately 12 mega pixel camera with aperture shutter f/2.4 and the ability to auto focus and installation visual and the ability to zoom and pick up images at an angle of 45 degrees, in the lens second come accurately 12 mega pixel camera with aperture shutter double f/1.5 and the wide-angle $ 77 degrees and optical stabilization, whereas the second is Strictly Come 16 megapixel with aperture shutter f/2.2 wide angle very B grade full frame. While come the front camera 10-megapixel still languidly shutter f/1.9 with auto focus and the ability to shoot UHD.

Speaking of the second phone Galaxy S10+, the rear camera of the tripartite come in similar to the Galaxy S10, choose the front camera of the phone is the top specification supports dual camera in the front. unlike the previous two editions of the same series, where it comes with a lens master 10-megapixel still similar to the previous one but adding another camera accurately 8 mega pixel camera with aperture shutter f/2.2 also provides a focus of the neighborhood and add depth to the sound they are making it suitable for the face.


When looking into cameras three phones background, it shows similarity to the presence of the lens 12 mega, 16 mega in each version, but unlike the S10e the two phones the other added camera telephoto which help to capture images such as portraiture in a better way.

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