Leaks a photographer for your Samsung tablet Galaxy View 2

Galaxy View 2 tablet is the latest Samsung devices expected to be announced soon, and today shows the design of the tablet in the collection of shopping catalogs.

Samsung Galaxy View 2 leak

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Adopted my agency, the Bluetooth SIG and Wi-Fi Alliance standards Bluetooth and Wi-Fi network in your Samsung Galaxy View 2 during the month of September of last year, except that the tablet was not announced officially until now.

Today shows the Galaxy View 2 of the new in the latest leaks, which features design try the version that introduced by Samsung in 2015, in particular in the installation module built-in tablet, as this comes version screen 18.4 inch display supports Touch, also expected that the device supports a display resolution of 1080 pixels.

Samsung -Galaxy View 2 renders leak

Also comes the new version of the Galaxy View 2 with a new design unit installation the support device is installed at 30 degree work, and support to use the screen more efficiently when writing, characterized by the installation module built-in the device hole in the back of the supports holding the device smoothly.

Also due to featuring a Galaxy View 2 chip processor Exynos 7885, with random memory 3 GB RAM, and applies the device model supports call بWi-Fi only, and the last named to call the cops also.


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