Leaks about the camera series Evo 12 – major improvements to come!

Phones Evo 11 the current has developed in the camera such as adding Night Mode and the addition of a third camera in the versions of the occurrence to expand the angle of convergence, and with phones Evo 12 / 12 Pro the camera further development according to the latest leaks.تسريبات حول كاميرا سلسلة ايفون 12 - تحسينات كبرى قادمة!

Developments which will enter its barrage on camera phones Evo 12 / 12 Pro its target reach for the phones other areas such as the Samsung Galaxy S20 ultra recently announced and series Huawei P40 next which will be a revolutionary leap in photography through smart phones.

Camera with a 64 MP

Apple is not one of those companies that focus on big numbers for the camera, but according to the latest registration issued by the director of the famous “Max use” that Apple will rely on sensors in camera phones Evo 12 accurately 64 MP.

This may resemble what you do companies Android via the technique of combining pixels of Pixel Binning to combine several pixels together in a single pixel produce a single image precisely (size of the) lower and the quality higher, or will depend on a large precision in the improvement of the capacities of the zoom in the camera rather than add lenses person additional to zoom in the camera.

Night mode in all cameras

The rest of the leaks about the camera in a series of Evo 12 base indicate that Apple is seeking to add a night mode in all cameras: camera magnifier, camera extended for export as well as full front selfie camera.

There are problems specific to the operating system currently in relation to that, but certainly that situation the night will be available specifically in cameras other than the basic camera and that may lead Apple to reject aperture in the camera to capture more light.

Also expected there to be a close-up mode Macro Mode which allows photographing objects up to a distance of up to 2.2 centimeters with a business focus, as well as to improve the imaging technique dynamic Smart HDR.

Leaks again ..

The rest of the leaks about series Evo 12 refers to raise the battery capacity to keep battery life when using 5G. Also think Apple is currently in removal of the sheet without abandoning the technology Face ID but this will not happen this year.

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