Leaks catalog emphasizes on square design for all car phones Pixel 4

Published the latest leaks about upcoming releases from the search giant Pixel 4, as revealed leaked images about the design of square shape situated in the camera background phones Pixel 4.

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Use Google Inc to launch their versions possible from phones Pixel 4 during the month of October, however shopping catalogs for Pixel 4 وPixel 4 XL began to spread on the internet to the exposure profiles, first for the design versions of Google this year.

I came shopping catalogs first through Pricebaba, where to put the design of my perception of phones with a camera design, the prominent square shape in the top corner of the back, also don’t the phones come equipped with a fingerprint in the background, as well as includes phones speakers in the upper part, also does not guarantee the phone speakers and stereos in the bottom of the phone.

And mimics this design highlights a square shape for the rear in the phones Pixel 4 design, which offers from Apple in versions of this the General iPhone 11 as stated in the leaks published so far about the design of the versions this year phones iPhone.

On the other hand, do not submit photos details about the technique used this year see the fingerprints, as some suggest projections to the sensor-fingerprint built-in screen, while the other expectations to adopt Google + this year in phones Pixel 4 on the facial recognition technology to unlock the phone.

In the video clip came across Unbox Therapy revealed the structures of the metal models for the design of the phones Pixel 4 this year, as noted by Lewis Hilsenteger design square shape in the hidden will come with two cameras with a sensor of spectrum provided by Google previously in the phone Pixel 3.

As stressed by Lewis on that phones Pixel 4 will not come in the design of extrusion top in the screen this year, so apply to phones with frames larger design in the article to include 5 units for vehicle headlights.

The hints during the last period on the draft Google, which is known as” Project Soli”, a project which works through Google on the development of a new technique to see motion using radar, to perceive the movement of the hand or fingers accurately, as working on the perception of the dimensions also in the vicinity of the 3D.

Some leaks indicate that Google will introduce this technology in phones Pixel 4 to support the user a new experience in the control interface of the phone, confirmed the report of 9to5Google that phones Pixel 4 comes with navigation radar integrated already.

On the other hand, revealed the developers of XDA for some new changes in the update to Android Q, where the update includes a new feature phones Pixel you know with “aware sensor”, along with some other code that comes with the symbol of my ” planning “and” silence“, where projections indicate that these special instructions run the media.

Definitely still this is not confirmed fully yet, but the leaks don’t usually stop until the official announcement of the phone, so we expect more details about the phones Pixel 4 next.


I know of

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