Leaks catalog for distinctive cameras, three Sony

Spotted the latest shopping catalogs for a new phone from Sony Special Settings three for the rear with the glass design in the background, where the projections indicate that the Xperia 1s or Xperia 1v.

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Reveal the leaks about the design of the glass for a new phone from Sony comes in purple, as the phone comes to designing a three camera background to join Sony’s first camera three Xperia 1, except that the new version differs in the position of the camera in the left corner of the back, while come camera background in Xperia 1 in the middle of the design the back of the phone.

Includes the source of the leaks Zackbuks that this version will be one of the phones Sony next Xperia 1s or Xperia 1v, to be announced this version on 9 July at a conference in Japan.

Recall that Sony had announced the Xperia 1 during the month of February, so projections indicate that the Xperia 2 will be announced at the IFA conference that is held in the month of September, or during the events of the Barcelona Conference of the global phone, which is held at the beginning of 2020.

As projections indicate that the Xperia 1s or Xperia 1v will come with a microchip Snapdragon processor 855 with LCD screen and all three with the level of the lower pricing of Xperia 1, while the other expectations that Sony offers two new versions of smart phones later, so we expect more details about the versions of Sony’s upcoming smartphones.


I know of

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