Leaks catalog for OnePlus 7T reveal the settings of the camera the rear of the tripartite

Published the first shopping catalogs phone OnePlus killer OnePlus 7T which shows the design features full control of three of the design funky.

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Use the company OnePlus to issue more than one ad during the next period, where they need the first of the smart TVs OnePlus TV soon, with the new device supports communication networks of the fifth generation, and today’s leaks of a photographer for the next version of phones OnePlus OnePlus 7T.

And shows phone OnePlus 7T shopping catalogs design funky Settings Camera background of the tripartite, which is designed come Change important in the design is different from the minor changes offered by OnePlus often in a series of phones T.

Features full control for OnePlus 7T design of circular shape comprising three sensors with LED flash, where the sensors of the three installed horizontal within the design Ring camera, while The Flash to the bottom sensor of the three, as refer to that OnePlus will of phone version of McLaren also special this year.


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