Leaks catalog new reveal about the design of the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip clearer

Applicable version of Samsung’s upcoming phones folding Galaxy Z Flip during an event held in the month of February next, and a new operating phone latest shopping catalogs three-dimensional space that reveal the distinctive design of the upcoming handset.

Avoid many of the manufacturers of smart phones by 2020 to enhance the techniques of the next versions rapidly, and promote the phones, folding in this year’s special pets and new technologies of the Giants of the phone.

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Comes phone Galaxy Z Flip this year inspired by Motorola foldable Razr, and detect the position of LetsGoDigital for a new set of three-dimensional images that review the design of the Samsung more clearly, which rises on the label of the pictured Live recently disclosed.

And three-dimensional images look clearer on the mechanism for opening and closing the phone Galaxy, Z Flip, which is trying to dramatically mechanism of opening and closing the Galaxy Fold.

Comes frame side right right-running in the bottom of the phone, while the control button in the audio at the top, as the phone comes with an Small next to Settings Camera double main, with LED flash.

The inner screen of the Galaxy Z Flip Hole for the front vehicle which is referred to it includes a sensor 10 mega pixel camera.

From another side featuring the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip Snapdragon processor 855 in accordance with the arrangements published so far, also comes with charging super speed, also feature one of phone batteries with capacity 900 mAh.

The Galaxy Z Flip the first versions of smartphones which includes glass and folding to protect the external screen, as an alternative to energy plastic that came with the Galaxy Fold, as characterized by the screen size of 6.7 inch.

Definitely will have Samsung more details and information about her phone rollaway Galaxy Z Flip when the official announcement, so we expect the event Samsung NEXT on 11 February.


I know of

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