Leaks catalog new reveal phone design Mi Mix Alpha associated of Shawty

Monitor phone Mi Mix Alpha in the latest shopping catalogs that reveal the design of the waterfall in the screen with the deflection is greater, which comes to the dimensions of the 100% in the screen for the structure of the phone.

Began the design of the waterfall in the spread in a lot of new versions of smart phones, the phone Mi Mix Alpha, which announced officially on the 24th of September, one of the possible versions of a waterfall without the frames side, they only come in Boy’s bow angles greater than the versions revealed so far.

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Also comes phone Mi Mix Alpha as the first smartphones that feature the highest dimensions in the screen up to 100% for the framework on the phone, where they revealed the teaser for the deflection of the company tries to bend the cover of the book.

Projections indicate that the curved design in the screen work in the larger versions of the folding in phones Mate X, the Samsung Galaxy Fold.

On the other hand, pointed out some leaks to that phone Mi Mix coming in the events of the 24 of September featuring Chip Snapdragon processor 855 Plus, as applicable for the first time sensors the Samsung ISOCELL Bright HMX accurately 108 mega pixel camera, with full control telephoto and wide viewing angles.

Also offering Shao phone Mi 9 Pro processor Snapdragon 855 Plus with Super AMOLED display size of 6.39 inches, also to include a phone battery capacity of 4000 mAh, also supports the charger Shawty wireless 30W Mi Charge Turbo, as it applies phone one MIUI 11, so we expect the event to 24 of September for information and more details about the two phones.


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