Leaks catalog phone LG Stylo 5 average official announcement in the July 15

Usually phone LG Stylo 5 in the leaks illustrated New Day reveal the design of the phone clearly, with the expectations refer to the plans of LG for the official announcement for the phone on the 15th of July next.

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The company launches LG’s new version of the series Stylo soon, as Comes the new version LG Stylo 5 design closer to last year’s version of the LG Stylo 4 but with a slight difference in the design of the camera which includes LED flash now in an elliptical loop, as confirmed shopping catalogs recently published for this design.

The LED flash separately from the camera cell in phone LG Stylo 4 hour, but complies all the phones in the other specification, which includes both phones sensor fingerprint in the background, as Comes the power button at the right side of the phone, while the control button in the phonics level in the left side.

On the other hand, does not reveal shopping catalogs about the design of the phone LG Stylo 5 at the top or bottom, only that the leaks illustrated earlier portfolio phone confirmed the USB port C at the bottom of the phone with headphone and 3.5 mm, to the side of the slot to store the Pen stylus.

Recall that LG didn’t confirm officially yet on the date of the official announcement of the phone, but some forecasts indicate the company’s plans to unveil this version on the 15th of July, according to the date that appears on the screen closing in the shopping catalogs.


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