Leaks catalog reveal my phone Galaxy S10 Galaxy S10 Plus red flowing

Revealed the latest shopping catalogs about the color red flowing to my phone Galaxy S10 Galaxy S10 Plus, where it shows the color flowing red with the same degree of color that came with phone iPhone the XR this year.

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Provided the Korean giant is all from my phone Galaxy S10 Galaxy S10 Plus in white and black colors along with the green color with the design of the ceramic color black and white, however, the latest shopping catalogs emphasize on the plans of Samsung to launch Red color graded Choice new to both phones.

I have pointed out in the report published today indicates that Samsung is preparing to soon launch a red color drop earrings for each of my phone Galaxy S10 Galaxy S10, which also maintains the red color which made by Samsung in my phone Galaxy S9 Galaxy S9 Plus.

Projections indicate that this version will come to the same level of pricing other colors of phones, also joins the red color flowing for your version of the gaming room, announced the Samsung recently Galaxy S10 + Olympic Games, which applies the motto of the Olympic Games in the background, as is expected later in Tokyo.


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