Leaks catalog to all the car action OSMO coming from DJI

Confirmed new leaks today that the company DJI on its way to announce the next issue of action cameras OSMO which already spotted today in a leak photographer reveal the design and specifications of the camera.


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Is camera DJI OSMO latest action cameras associated with the official announcement within days, to grow in the market of action cameras which is controlled by the company GoPro with a large share already.

I have spotted some specification camera DJI OSMO today with a photo review of the design of the camera before the official announcement, where the assembled DJI some of which may constitute a source of attraction for users, including:

  • Stabilization system optical image
  • Two LCD screens
  • Sensor IMX377 from Sony to the CMOS sensor 12 mega pixel 1/2 size.3
  • Wizard page Ambarella H2
  • Sensor FOV at an angle of view of 145 degrees and the lens was f2.8
  • The speed of the closing shutter 1/8000-120 staff second
  • Supports video recording in slow motion up to 8 times more accurately 4K60p
  • Supports recording of video 1080p 120k
  • Supports HDR and style automatic export with an interval time-lapse
  • Come patterns and diverse development of continuous filming, photography fun, photography time lapse, or shoot with a countdown.

Is also Camera DJI OSMO the first version of action cameras, which includes two LCD screens in the front and rear of the design of the camera, is to aim the camera filming selfie, also supports live streaming thanks to the design of the camera with a second screen which supports the user in the display control tires during the filming.

By another indicate some registry to full control DJI OSMO come design waterproof without the use of a preservative, a feature lacking action cameras in general.


I know of

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