Leaks confirm design phones Pixel 4 a clear framework includes new techniques

Stop leaks about phones, the search giant coming from a Pixel 4, and in the latest shopping catalogs revealed about the screen protection on my phone. Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL, which emphasizes the return of Google to design a broad framework at the top of the phone’s design, which features some new techniques from Google.

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Revealed during the financial period for a lot of detail about the specifications of my phone, Google Pixel 4 XL وPixel 4, has came the first official pictures of the phones of the search giant, which confirmed the design of the box shape for the rear.

Also in the time that’s trending in a lot of companies to replace the top frame for my daughter or the design of the slide for the front vehicle or the design of the screen hole, only to registry of the comic that revealed up to now confirm the return of Google to design a broad framework in the screen but with the techniques more in the phone.

It is planned to include the top window in the screen sensor cable control front headphones the ear, with the sensor of the other, cut in the right part of the upper frame, where some suggest that this piece dates back to the full car, front double, or technique of trying to FaceID with Apple.

Some other expectations to the upper frame in phones Pixel 4 XL وPixel 4 will feature a new technique to control your phone by waving, a technique that was previously in the Google Project Soli, which was adopted already from the agency to the FCC during the financial period.


I know of

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