Leaks confirm the refresh rate up to 120Hz in the phone Asus ROG Phone 2

Use Asus to launch new version of smart phones custom gaming Asus ROG Phone 2, which applies with a support refresh rate up to 120Hz.

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Focus Asus recently on competition in the market of phones allocated for games specifications a leader in the design of the phone let the users to experience featured games View well-proportioned in response to fast even with the strongest games.

Has revealed new leaks came via internal documents of the company Asus, the company is preparing for a competition with new released Upcoming of smart phones custom gaming Asus ROG Phone 2 which skips the refresh rate of the OnePlus 7 Pro which was updated 90Hz up to a rate of 120Hz.

I have referred the leaks also suggest that the phone will come at a rate of a new update in the game “Under The One Man”, as the company will continue to advertise also for other games compatible with the rate the new update for the Asus ROG Phone 2.

I have made Asus released the first of the phones ROG Custom Games rate update 90Hz, also came with a screen OLED characteristic accurately display full HD, only that the leaks did not reveal the specifications of the screen in the phone Asus ROG Phone 2, and whether the screen that supports the rate of 120Hz, which applies the phone is the screen LCD or OLED.

Recall that the company Razer has already made the first phone of the phones landed, which comes with support for refresh rate of 120Hz to the markets, where this version came a Sharp IGZO LCD.

On the other hand, projections indicate that the phone Asus ROG Phone 2 comes with Snapdragon processor 855, with a ram of 8 GB RAM, the storage capacity of 128 GB, the battery capacity is larger than the previous version,


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