Leaks confirming the Samsung Galaxy A90 comes the design of the camera the pop-up, scalable and also

Confirmed that the latest leaks published today that the upcoming release of the Samsung phones available Galaxy A90 applies to the design of the camera pop-up scalable.

Samsung Galaxy A90 - sliding- rotating camera mechanism

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It seems that Samsung is trying to experience the different designs for the front vehicle in the versions available this year, where he revealed the latest leaks about the plans of Samsung to launch the Galaxy A90 design camera pop-up System Mechanic, it also features a motor support rotate the camera.

Also provided in accordance with the arrangements last to feature the complete control of the Galaxy A90 design trying camera possible for my phone Oppo Find X ┘łOppo N1, any design, supports full master and Silva at the same time.

Recall that the previous leaks have confirmed that Samsung will design the slider or the camera’s pop-up in one of their versions available this year, however, new details about the scalable design of the cable car is definitely the funky design in the versions of Samsung but may reveal leaks about the pictures confirm that the design and mechanism of action of the camera in the Galaxy A90 law.


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