Leaks Galaxy Note 10 appears after one month from the disclosure Note 9

After one month of detection of the Galaxy Note 9, phone latest of Samsung, it seems that we already have the first registration and on the next phone from the famous series of Galaxy Note 10. According to what was published by The Bell specialized in news and business reports in South Korea -where Samsung – a company I started to work on the Galaxy Note 10 she gave him the name of Da Vinci as the name of Cody while working on the phone.

Although the code name has no indication on the phone as a whole is certainly only to The Bell you want the conclusion to hear him on the phone on behalf of the famous painter and confirms that the company will take care of the S Pen once again with the Galaxy Note 10 awaiting release next year.

After the company has issued recent phone has the stylus S Pen that attracts attention after you add the Bluetooth feature is not to become a number of new uses. According to the report, the CEO of Samsung Mobile said that the company has a roadmap for two years or three about the evolution of the S Pen, which assures that the pen will continue to get important updates for next year, which maybe the company realized they wouldn’t be able to put in a pencil Note 9.

Sometimes, the company give Samsung some phones the names during development did not indicate anything about the phone, that was the case with the Galaxy S7, which got the name of the Project Lucky. As for the Galaxy S8 has got the name of the Project Dream during its development while Galaxy S9 on the name of the Project Star during its development.

The report says one of his sources that are not detected I know that the phone will not have the button home will be your Infinity Display, where I won’t have a phone capable of folding as possible to be supported at this time.

It seems that 2018 will be a significant year for the company which in addition to the Galaxy Note 10 from to reveal three new phones bearing the name of the S10 which reports indicate that at least one of them will be equipped with a fingerprint under the screen. The reports also refer to the work of the police on the phone with 5G in addition to the work of the police on the telephone folding up this year or next year.

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