Leaks.. “Huawei” put her phone next Mate 11 sensor fingerprint of the bottom of the screen


Want Huawei to integrate the fingerprint sensor below the screen that touch the inside of its smart phones next, which was difficult to implement during the past year, because of the failure to obtain the technique that allows such a thing, but with the beginning of the use of companies such as “vivo” technique in phones, vivo X20 Plus UD andX21 UD has become possible to implement.


Revealed new leaks, Huawei will launch the phone Mate 11 next or Mate 20 with the fingerprint sensor below the screen, especially after she said she will use a feature Qualcomm’s urtlasonic fingerprint in its organs the next.

Is expected to launch Mate 11/20 in the late third quarter or early fourth quarter of this year, allege that Qualcomm is involved with GIS Taiwan-based and O-film Tech to the Chinese for the construction of the sensor the new.

It is reported that Huawei is not the only Chinese company which requires to integrate the sensor of the fingerprint under the screen, where some of the companies on this technology in their devices allocated to the international markets.

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