Leaks indicate a new experience in the gestures interface Android Q

Monitoring developers XDA new developments in the system of gestures and in update Android Q, offers the user a new experience you might not need to back button in main screen.

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More leaks reveal new features to improve the Android Q law, where the point insert into the system new gestures and may lead to the removal of the back button of the system of landed, with the new system differs from the trade representative of the management system in the Android Pie.

The system comes new gestures to the system to will not need with the user to the back button, where the user can swipe to the left to restore the page, and come gestures the experience is also new command switching between applications choose from business generally accepted now, where you can switch between apps and programs seamlessly in the to update Android Q by scrolling to the right.

As projections indicate that Google may resort to the removal of the three buttons is possible in the system and to manage the interface system, to a new system to manage update Android Q, and also a new form to display the applications.


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