Leaks indicate plans for Apple to announce MacBook Pro 16 inch and the price 2399 USD

Confirmed the latest leaks that Apple is on its way for the official announcement about the device MacBook Pro the size of 16 inches today, to be available at a starting price of 2399 USD.

In a new report published through newspaper Bloomberg, it was pointed out that the Apple on its way to the official announcement of its device associated with the MacBook Pro the size of a 16 inch, also revealed the price which it applies this version to the markets.

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Turn your Apple MacBook Pro size, 16 inch many of the leaks during the financial period, which confirmed previous leaks that Apple has already begun conducting the final tests on the device before the official announcement, today newspaper, Bloomberg New details about the date and price of this version.

I have confirmed the newspaper Bloomberg that the MacBook Pro size 16 inch will start from the price is 2399 dollars, to be this version and an alternative version of the previous 17 inch, while the same level of pricing model is representative of the size of 15 inch.

As pointed out by the report of Bloomberg that this version will have keyboard scissor-switch design, a new more accurate and efficient, so we expect the announcement of Apple official about the device in the coming hours.


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