Leaks indicate plans of Sony to launch the Xperia F folding in 2020

Confirmed the latest reports published in China recently that Sony began to develop her cell phone rollaway Xperia F that comes with the support of networks of the fifth generation.

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Can Sony compete in the market of phones collapsible issuing special soon, where he confirmed that the latest leaks came out of China recently, that Sony has already begun in the development of her phone rollaway Xperia F that is the release of this version within the next year.

It is expected, according to the leaks that Sony offers this version of a flexible OLED from Samsung that the phone supports the dimensions of the 21:9, as the phone supports folding in my head, like what came in my phone Samsung and Huawei, also comes to the dimensions of a square when you fold the phone.

Also referred to to Xperia F will come with support for fifth-generation networks, where it is expected that this will be the first release in the support networks of the fifth generation, while other expectations to the possibility of launching phone 5G during the events of the IFA conference next.

Recall that Sony had recently begun to launch the phone by the representative of the Xperia 1 in the European markets, also with the withdrawal of Sony from the US market however, the company did not back down from the launch date of the phone in the United States on 12 July.


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