Leaks iOS update 13 reveal about the design of iPhone XI and R Max for the year 2019

The latest shopping catalogs today spotted in the iOS 13 reveal the design of the outer structure for each of the phones iPhone XI and R Max for the year 2019, as revealed images of a model phone iPhone 2019 and design details available for the iPhone this year.

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Skip the Apple company to launch the idea coming from phones and the iPhone in September, however, Apple still attracts a lot of lights in anticipation for the iPhone that comes this year with a camera special design box.

In the latest leaks revealed by the iOS update 13, it was confirmed that box design for the rear in the versions this year of iPhone XI and R Max, that includes iPhone XR 2019 settings to double for the car, while all come from my phone, iPhone XI max this year features a three-camera background.

I have put Hasan Kaymak concept design of my phone the iPhone this year, according to the claims and specifications disclosed till now, where the phone appears in the three-dimensional model of detail design expected for iPhone is possible this year, but he chose the Black color just in the model, whereas the leaks recently published that the iPhone XR comes choices of new colors this year.


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